Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy    


The use of “us” and “we” is related to LB Swim School ltd. The use of “you” and “your” is directly related to the customer.

About us:

LB Swim School ltd is a registered swim school member with Swim England. We adhere to the four frameworks provided by Swim England to safely and enjoyably teach all ages to swim. The Privacy Policy holder is Alex Trevena who is the operations director at LB Swim School ltd

GDPR Statement:

LB Swim School Ltd currently complies with all GDPR regulations (2018) and is dedicated to ensuring that GDPR compliance is adhered to across the swim school.

Data Protection, privacy policy and procedures:

This policies aim is to ensure clear guidance has been provided in regard to personal data and how LB Swim School ltd uses this data.

Purpose and Storage:

Details held by LB Swim School ltd of it’s learners is kept securely in a locked room in a locked cabinet. This data may include; data provided by parents/guardians and swimmers through our paper data collection sheet received by all on first visit to the swim school. LB Swim School ltd uses data for the following purposes:

Maintaining accurate and up to date records

To respond to an enquiry

Contact in regards to lessons, events, offers, and opportunities provided b LB Swim School ltd

Opting Out and image usage:

You have the right to refuse any direct marketing from LB Swim School Ltd and can do so by opting out at first point of contact. You may opt in at any opportunity if you so wish.

Consent for photography and image usage will be outlined in the permission form that is provided on first contact. This can also be found on our website under terms and conditions.

LB Swim School ltd may wish to use these images for the purpose of education, training, promotional purposes and recognition of achievement on our website or social media platforms. Permision will be sought prior to any images or recordings be used. This information must be provided enrolment form which is provided in the welcome pack for all swimmers. This information as above is stored in securely locked

Medical conditions of swimmers:

This information must be provided in the enrolment form which is provided in the welcome pack for all swimmers. This information as above is stored in securely in a locked room and cabinet on paper documents. Swim teachers will be made aware of any medical conditions on a need to know basis. This is vital to ensure the safety of swimmers. Medical conditions are risk assessed on a swimmer to swimmer basis and lessons will be adapted if required.

Customer rights and data:

You are entitled to a copy of your data from LB Swim School ltd which must be requested. You can also change your personal data which could include; address, medical changes or any incorrect information given at first contact at any time. You have the right to have any data deleted. We ensure this will happen when a swimmer leaves however you can advise us that you would like your data stored securely for an agreed time.

Data Sharing:

LB Swim School ltd does not share data with anyone including third parties. If for any case there is a need to share data we will sought permission prior to this.

Our Website

Our website holds no personal data of any swimmers or Parent/Guardian within the website, however images may be used for promotional and record of achievements which permission will be sough prior to this.

LB Swim School ltd provides a safe environment for its swimmers which includes your personal data. If you do have any queries or concerns please do contact Alex Trevena who is the dedicated data protection lead for us, using contact details that have been provided in the welcome pack.

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