Learn to Swim

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Is your swimmer primary/secondary school age and would like to join a swim session? The Learn to Swim awards are for them!

Aimed at school aged children, the Learn to Swim awards offer a pathway from Stage 1 to Stage 7 – guiding your swimmer from their very first splashes in the pool, right through to independent and confident swimming achieved in Stage 7.

The achievement doesn’t stop there! We offer the Rainbow Distance awards- aimed at children aged 5+ that can swim from A to B comfortably and without stress. Also, we offer the Water Skills Awards- spanning 6 awards that reward swimmers for completing skills that focus on confidence, versatility and endurance.


Our mission is to provide exciting, fun yet intensive sessions for all ages and abilities.

From dipping their face into the water for the first time to swimming 25 meters confidently and without stress, there is so much to discover when learning to swim.

Games based activities are paramount to learning through discover within the first stages. As your swimmer progresses discover comes in the form of fun sessions that focus on creating fun elements out of otherwise intense swimming lessons – think exploring a coral reef when having to kick 10 meters.

Important fundamental and aquatic skills achieved in fun and enjoyable ways – often without the swimmer even realizing it!

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play children learn how to learn.”

O. Fred Donaldson

What will my swimmer need to achieve in each stage?

Find out what outcomes make up each Stage in the Learn to Swim framework. From entering the water safely in Stage 1 right up to swimming 100m in Stage 7!

Swim England’s My Learn to Swim App

Check out the Learn to Swim app – available on the App Store and Google Play! This colorful app allows your swimmer to bring home the fun of swimming lessons. Unlock awards, collect achievements and take photos with your favorite Learn to Swim characters!

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