Dear Swimmers 

We regret to inform you that Cadmore Lakeside Hotel ltd has entered administration and will therefore be closing through the insolvency process. 

After discussions with Cadmore owners about the future of the Swimming Pool at Cadmore, and with no immediate alternative swimming pool, LB Swim School ltd has now entered administration and will be closing with immediate effect. 

As you may know we have considered pool options for as long as the business has been running – our own facility has been big on our agenda, but finding a location and funding has been an ongoing difficulty. Renting private pools is also a difficulty when it comes to legality – so it is ultimately a tough job to find a new site so quickly. With business overheads and liabilites, it just isn’t viable for the Swim School to be open whilst we find a new pool site.

So, this is the end of LB Swim School as we know it today.

We are distraught, saddened, proud of achievements, excited for our future projects, mournful and altogether jumbled about the sudden conclusion of such an integral part of our lives.

I hope to continue our legacy through my teacher tutoring endeavours and swimming related graphic design, but in actual fact, I want teaching to be at the forefront of my mind. Finding pool space for myself is an immediate focus. 

What makes this more difficult is the sudden closure. Personally, I have known many swimmers for 2, 3 or 4 years now and I have enjoyed watching them grow not only as swimmers, but as their own individual characters; for me the best part of teaching. A view I’m sure our instructors share.

I feel absolutely distraught that I may not personally get to say goodbye, thank you and well done! A whole school picnic is on my mind, but if that is a view only I share, well done cards via email or post will be my next port of call.

So although we head into the summer holidays with no Cadmore swimming on the cards, here’s hoping that I may see some of you soon- whether it’s to celebrate achievements or whether its a lesson if I’m lucky enough to find pool space.

Myself and Alex would like to thank you for supporting the swim school through turbulent covid and through successful full terms, and hope that your swimmers will go onto to enjoy the water safely and strongly. 

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